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Riding the wind and breaking the waves, Walking steady to reach the far

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Looking back on the past year, YACONTEE COMPANY gone through countless landscapes and realized infinite possibilities.

Standing at the beginning of the year 2021, YACONTEE COMPANY full of hope for the future, Riding the wind and breaking the waves, and continuing to leapfrog new heights.

‘The Golden Rat resigns from the old age, the Taurus celebrates its spring season.’ On January 16, 2021, all YACONTEE COMPANY’S employees gathered together to use an annual feast to review the past, look forward to the future, and greet the new year 2021 together.

At the annual meeting, Zhang Wenjie, the founder of YACONTEE COMPANY’S and the head of the company, expressed his sincere thanks to all employees of the company for their hard work in the past year! It is hoped that all YACONTEE COMPANY’S employee will never forget their original intention, keep their mission in mind, and continue to lead the new development of aerial work platforms.

Looking back on the past 2020, under the background that the global novel coronavirus is raging and the global economy has suffered a severe setback, all employees of YACONTEE are looking for changes in crisis, down-to-earth, looking forward to the future, and providing reliable for many aerial work projects across the country High-altitude working platforms and high-quality after-sales maintenance services.

The new year opens up new expectations, and the new journey carries new expectations. New era, new atmosphere, new deeds. In 2021, full of hope, YACONTEE will continue to cultivate in the aerial work platform and build a professional brand. Let YACONTEE ride the wind and waves, travel steadily and farther, and continue to cross new heights.