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The YACONTEE company released new LOGO

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     In begining of year 2021, YACONTEE company officially released new corporate identification system, which is also YACONTEE company second generation LOGO. Compared with the old model, the new identity retains the characteristic basis of the old logo, but more prominently expresses the abstract shape of its professional business "high-altitude operating platform"-"fold up". At the same time, it also expresses the corporate spirit of YACONTEE company , which is thinking about how to continue to improve in the contemporary era and give customers the momentum of steaming. The brand-new visual planning gives YACONTEE a more clearer connotation of the times. It is expected that the new LOGO will gradually be applied to the full range of aerial work platforms of YACONTEE company, achieving a complete transformation.  

The design inspiration of the logo shape comes from the YACONTEE character "", which is intertwined with three-dimensional lines with unlimited extension. Each line symbolizes the height extension of the aerial work platform, and the difference in color is used to build a visual experience like folding. The orange-yellow dual-tone block seems to have a dynamic effect, forming an arrow intent to the left, representing the progress, stability and high quality of YACONTEE products. It has repeatedly brought customers from the ground to the sky. In the future, YACONTEE various corporate tools and products will be integrated into the auxiliary graphics belonging to YACONTEE.

Chinese and English bilingual designs is a vivid portrayal of YACONTEE company’s introduction of advanced technology from abroad to the domestic market. The clear and vigorous font used in its English is a symbol of the firmness of the company, and the roundness at the turn of the strokes is also a manifestation of Chinese mellowness. Among them, the design of the character "Li" has coherent strokes, implying an upward arrow design, which has a deep sense of lightness and stability. At the same time, it also represents the flexible and changeable nature of the YACONTEE aerial work  platforms. YACONTEE will adjust the display proportions of Chinese and English in different AD markets through the diversified combination of Chinese and English. Only by looking at the world, let the world see YACONTEE , and YACONTEE let customers see the world even more.

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